Welcome to the National Forum Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund – Call for proposals 2016

Welcome to the National Forum Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund online system for submitting proposals in 2016. The system has been developed to make it easier for prospective providers to submit and manage their proposals. This system enables a fully online, paperless approach to the submission of funding proposals..

The Call for Proposals documentation is available through this website ( see Call Documents, in the menu, top right) and has been published on the National Forum website www.teachingandlearning.ie

The deadline for submission of proposals is 17:00 on Tuesday 25th October. The online application system will not accept proposals submitted after this date.

Important:Only one person from each institution can register on the online interface. Please do not register if you are not the person with overall responsibility for all proposals that your institution will be submitting in response to the call. Once the person with responsibility registers they can allocate a login to all those writing a proposal from their institution.

Please read the Registration Guidelines prior to registration.

In advance of preparing proposals for submission we ask that you familiarise yourself with the following eligibility criteria.

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You must accept the terms and conditions (below) before you can proceed with registration

Call for Proposals

The objectives and priorities of the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund reflect and support the enhancement and transformation agenda that is being pursued at both a national and a European level. The strength of the Irish higher education system will only be fully realised through collaboration across the sector. The aim will be to ensure that funded projects optimise the synergies and scope that can be enabled by strong inter-institutional or intra-institutional collaboration, or through partnerships with other education providers or external stakeholders, for maximum national impact.

Higher education institutions are invited to make collaborative proposals for funding under the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund 2016 (Building Digital Capacity in Irish Higher Education) The fund amounts to €6 million and the total investment will be over a 3-year time-frame ending in 2017. In this phase 2l call, €2 million will be available for allocation of funding. Proposals will be evaluated on a competitive basis in accordance with the criteria and processes outlined in this call.

The aim of this fund is to enhance teaching and learning by building digital capacity in higher education institutions. It will support new, collaborative approaches to technology-enhanced teaching and learning within higher education. Proposals can build on activity that has already been initiated (enhancing such activities with digital technological innovation), or initiate completely new activities for enhancing teaching and learning with technology.

Specifically this call for proposals aims to support the advancement of the recommendations of the report ‘Teaching and Learning in Irish Education: A Roadmap for Enhancement in a Digital World 2015-2017 (March 2015)’.

Proposals must be made using the online course proposals template.

Please note: Proposals must be submitted separately and will be evaluated on its own merits even if it is linked to other proposals being submitted under this scheme. Therefore for every proposal a separate application must be submitted.

Important information accompanying the template include the National Forum Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund(Driving Enhancement Through Capacity Building in Irish Higher Education)Call for Proposals—Phase 2—2015 and the extended roadmap.

The call and supporting documentation are also available on the National Forum website www.teachingandllearning.ie

Eligible Institutions

This Document contains a listing of the institutions eligible for this call.


Independent colleges are eligible to participate in consortia, but cannot lead consortia. Other publicly funded higher education colleges can submit proposals in partnership with the eligible institutions listed above.

I have read and understood the criteria governing course proposals